how do I fight against the enemy of health No.1

Long ago (I won’t say when) I’ve realized that my greatest enemy is STRESS. We are under stress from the moment we get out of bed in the morning and go back to bed to sleep in the evening.

The stress also has its „army“: irritation, the shortage of money, the lines in the banks, lines when waiting for the bus, lines everywhere, the parent-teacher meetings, the bosses, the employees, the neighbors, the market sellers and sellers in the shops and about the politics, we wont even talk…

Anyway, like it or not, we’re constantly exposed to stress. We get stressed even because nothing happened to us that would stress us.

Well, when I was first time actually confronted with the results of stress (until then I didn’t know that such a thing existed), I stormed into something that they diagnosed as DNC (Distonia Neurocirculatoria)… It’s a syndrome. And when doctors diagnose you with syndrome, it’s a sure sign that they have no idea what you’re having.

Before that „attack“, my school buddy, RK, who studied medicine, got into it and told me about all symptoms and how they do manifest and about the „Ansilan“ (capsules he received to swallow)… And I got „infected“ by him… At that time, I was reading the rolled-up work of Emile Zola, and I was just somewhere in the middle of a book “The Belly of Paris” , when it came to me. With the vengeance.

And it came to me so hard that I was convinced I was dying young and green. The heart was pounding in some new rhythm, the ‘Pins and needles‘ pass through my hands and legs, the cold sweat on my forehead… A set of everything that RK explained to me. And it happened in the dead of night, around midnight… My old man was on some military exercise , so there was no one to drive me to the military infirmary, and plus, I didn’t have a driver licence.

But that didn’t stop me in this very urgent case, to jump behind the steering wheel of our car and with my mother next to me, to drive to the house where then my girlfriend, and now my wife lived, to consult her older sister who was a GP back then.

But, like in all good thrillers, she was not at home… I woke up a whole of her family for nothing.

From there, I went straight to military infirmary… It was about one after midnight. After hours doctor in charge was soundly asleep, and soldier on reception had no idea what I’m telling him, but he refused to wake the major. And that major,doctor, was my friend from the pool house and the swimming pool. So, I go by my self and wake him up…He wasn’t happy at all 🙂

We then went down to the surgery, he examines me and listens patiently what I’m telling him about my gravely situation, and then he gives me a diagnose…
He says, „My brother,nothing is wrong with you… What you have now is called ‘popizditis acuta’ (there is no English word for „popizditis“… you might use „getting mad“, but is not that colorful like „popizditis“ 🙂 ) and it is very easy to cure… You need a pussy (pardon me for cursing) once daily every day, and to solve this get married as soon as possible.“ And then he prescribed me „Ansilan“ capsules🙂

And of course, not trusting to my friend, I got referrals for the military hospitals in Nis and Skoplje… I kept the VMA(Military Medical Academy – the best hospital in Jugoslavia) referral for worst case scenario 😉

All of my examinations went through with the NAD (no abnormality detected)… Than I thought… wtf… Everything’s fine with me but I’m not feeling well at all… And, I started to use „Ansilan“.

But „Ansilan“, you know, makes you to feel like you don’t give a crap about anything around you, so you’re like the goose of Dumic… When she went to the water… My friends from Vojvodina know what am talking about 😉

I was in „Ansilan stage“ till football (soccer) match between Romania and Yugoslavia (when our goal keeper Borota „shined“)…

I watch that game with RK… When YU team attacks, he grabs for his pack of Ansilan, I grab my pack of Ansilan… When Romania is attacking, I go for my pack of Ansilan, RK goes for his… Then Borota receives that goal from 35 meters, RK goes for his pack of Ansilan, I go for a glass of double vinjak 🙂 (Vinjak is Serbian version of cognac).

After that, I did not use „Ansilan“ anymore, but I experimented with various „replacements“ in liquid state… brandy, shlivovitza, wine etc 🙂

And DNC was gone for good. But, there was another problem on the horizon: all those liquid „replacements“ one day started to taste sweet to me. And when alcohol becomes sweet when you drink a cup – two, you believe me, it’s time to get worried…

Then after one horrible night of drinking, I stopped drinking. DNC didn’t come back… I felt good…

Until we came to Australia…All this stress about moving to totally strange country, „no speak English“ stage, small kids, wife in distress… resulted with one huge DNC attack one evening. Did you notice BTW that all this health shite usually happens when is dark and after hours when you cant find any doctor in hospital???
Anyway…When it came to me, I spent four days in the hospital… But again, all the results were NAD… And I’m feeling soooo ill 😦 Strange…

Then I decided to take matters into my own hands… I started with B vitamin formula against stress. One pill in the morning one before sleep.
And after a few weeks, it worked 🙂 of course, implemented with my invention, which in Serbian is called „blago nejebavajuci stav“ ( in English I have no idea how to say that)🙂 „Attacks“ have stopped…

A few years later, after I got „information“ from the Internet, I’ve „prescribed myself a „therapy“ consisting of Royal jelly, propolis, garlic in tablets, tahini, ground cinnamon and honey…

The „Therapy“ looks like this:

  • Royal jelly, 1 capsule in the morning, one before bed…
  • propolis, 1 capsule in the morning
  • garlic, 1 tablet in the morning, one before bed
  • B vitamin, 1 tablet before bed.

But, what was particularly good for my imune sysrem, was the mix of tahini, cinnamon and honey:

  • 3 table spoon Tahini,
  • 1/2 coffe spoon Cinnamon and
  • 3 WOODEN table spoon honey.

You mix all this well and then you grab a WOODEN spoon of the mixture and eat it every morning. Will keep you running till lunch time.
Honestly, though I often suffered from bad cases of cold before, I don’t remember the last time I had a serious cold.

And I can’t help my self but repeat… „blago nejebavajuci stav“ is the basis of the fight against stress. If you manage to make a wall around you, you’ll be almost always in a good mood. And that will reflect positively on your surroundings.

Try and let me know… I might start a business, if it works for you 😉

live long and prosper


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