how i see life

Life goes down to two categories: YES or NO or 1 or 0.Binary.

We are all, in general, the same. Not same the same, but for the fact that we are all at birth „get“ the „book“ with titles,
and to us that you will be under the heading enter YES or NO, 1 or 0.

For example, here are some titles from my „book“ and you check for them in your „book“ 🙂

born (normally entered where YES (1), otherwise we would not be able to met here)
celebrated first birthday
celebrated n-th birthday

In any moment of time, when under one of these headings appear NO or 0 (which means that we have failed to give a response to this from the „justifiable“ reasons),
it means that our visit to and this world over. Like … Thank you for your visit, see you on the holy Never …

Then say, topics on Education (we’re not going just now to delicate topics 😉 where again all my titles are identical with your titles):

  • Primary School
  • High School
  • University
  • Master
  • Doctorate

Depending on the 1 and 0 under these titles, Life „book“ (which is a very smart and works as an AI program even before we as a civilization matured to the concept of AI or did the Serbian „Vestacka Inteligencija“), jumps to the appropriate titles associated with level of education.

And so on. Again, note that my titles are the same as yours, because we’ve all received copies of the same „book of life“ when we slid into this life and in this world, and they we, individually, „filling up“.

Conclusion: we ARE the same, regardless of origin, race, education.
What divides us, are social norms set by the people in order to introduce some kind of order in life that is, if we’re right, it’s pretty chaotic. But these social norms are something that is in many cases very questionable, but we would disscuss about that some other time …

Everything is therefore in our lives 1 or 0 (YES or NO).
Condition „MAYBE“ doesn’t exists in life. We’ve invented it to ease ourselves with more or less serious decision-making,
which inevitably end up with 1 or 0 or YES or NO.
Condition ‘MAYBE’ belongs to philosophy. And philosophy itself has nothing to do with real life.
About philosophy, philosophers, some other time.

live long and prosper 🙂


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