walked trough Levac, walked trough Sumadija …

When in August ’83 my old man (I have no idea how he came to that idea), decided to buy the land on my behalf on Divcibare (at Mionica side as I was told), somehow I was not thrilled. Me, to build a cottage on Divcibare ??? Go away. He actually wanted to buy 4 connected blocks of land … Cheap 🙂

Me, being smart at that time and cocky as I’m still today, told him that I do not need this. But my dad anyway bought 2 blocksof the land (0,12 hecters total).

And so, I became a landlord. I was there only once (when buying formalized) and I was not impressed.

Entire 6km from the center of Divcibara, anywhere nothing but forest (birch and pine) and on the ground wild berries. I said ok, not to spoil the old man will.

And then after whole 36 years I’ve remebered that land. And recalling it I became very exited.
I’ve realised that My dad has seen much further than me (whichhas noting to do with old age long-sightedness) because he knew that in life you encounter
moment when you need to look elsewhere for your self … Just to see that by accident you’re not there … When you’re not here …

Check that address in your “book” of life. Maybe it’s time that you write YES under that title to.

And so, to me than happened what happend to Martin: ‘I have a dream …’

Now I dream that dream even when I’m awake.

Much remains to be fit together to make this dream become a reality, but according to my own experience, I know how to surprise myself with persistence 🙂 particular in what I want.

Well … I’v declared begging of the proccess wich would turn a dream into reality.

There will be everything, but I will regularly keep you informed. Currently, the “process” in the hands of the bureaucracy
(more precisely, in the hands of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Department for forest of Republic of Serbia)
that should those two plots (which were originally registered in the cadastre as the forest of 6-th class) declare the construction land 🙂

That will not be a problem because 6-th class is not first class 🙂 and there are already some objects built arround.

Now, the only relevant factor is time factor.

We know how the bureaucracy possesses over time, especially over time of other people’s 🙂

Elem belem (don’t try to translate this :-)), you will hear about the proggress.

live long and prosper


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