We are witnessing unprecedented never seen before witch-hunt on a group of people because of their habit:  smokers. In so-called „developed“ countries of the world, the smokers became damned group, almost as people with leprosy in the earlier times. Expelled from their offices, restaurants, public toilets… In some countries, they must not even lit a cigarette in the park. Soon, I expect them to ban smoking while we are driving and God forbade if you dare to light a cigarette in your own toilet, even though the smell of tobacco smoke is incomparable more pleasant than the other smells that surround you while you are sitting in named lounge doing No.2.

Please understand… I never claimed that smoking is healthy, but that smoking is responsible for almost all the diseases which are attacking us every day, that, simply said, I must oppose.

It’s just not true that smoking is the cause of the flu, obesity, anorexia, the weakening of your eye sight, Indigestion, the heartburn, and the other nonsense the doctors cite as to be result of smoking. Cancer and cardiac illnesses are the worst plague these days. But that smoking (especially „passive“ smoking) is responsible for that, is simple wrong…

When smokers are in question, we can say that their rights are grossly violated.

Because if the non-smokers have rights on the bars, restaurants, offices, where “sport” known as smoking is forbidden, why we, the smokers, have no bars, no restaurants and offices where we will feel as equal part of the society? Not the ones who are rejected and punished to stay in front of the company buildings, coffee shops and restaurants? Smokers, with some kind of guilt showing on their faces,  quickly puffing on their cigarettes hurrying  to return to their offices as soon as possible, to continue their productive work (all the time on their way back trying to hide from their bosses and avoid that look known as “significant bosses look”), or back to the bar table to continue where they stopped getting out for a smoke, and somehow to catchup with friends around the table.

When you go these days to the doctor’s and you’re asking for help with your health problems, you know what the first question is to be asked by doctors?

„Do you smoke?“

That „Do you smoke?“ question is a fantastic cover for the incompetence of these man and women in white coats or without them (in the West they do not wear white coats for some only them known reasons). With this question, they immediately diagnose you, and at that moment they stop concerning themselves (if they were even concerned) about how to help you.

Even at job interview they ask do you smoke. If this is not discrimination, I don’t know what is it. How come they not allowed to ask if you are a queer or a lesbian, but they are allowed to ask if you are smoker?

Why don’t they ask do you drink and how much? Why don’t they ask do you gambling?

Comparing some statistical data, we can learn that alcohol destroys much more human lives than smoking. How many families have been destroyed by the gambling? No one cares about that. But if you do smoke, holly mother of God… No, you are not society enemy number one. No, you are an anomaly that should be surgically removed.

But somehow the people who smoke are so quiet. You have LGTB, you have PP organizations… You have an NGO on every corner, but nowhere is to find a single organization that would fight for smokers’ rights.

If in today’s world exists something what was once called “the truth”, and if truth had the meaning it had once (or at least we were taught to have), then someone should explain to people what quality of air we are breathing is, what quality of water we drink is , how much chemicals is in the food we eat. But, according to “their” “truth”, It is important that it is proven that tobacco is the main and greatest cause of the various cancers and other diseases.

Maybe because I’m not a doctor, I don’t think I can figure out what a smoking thing has to do with gangrene (which obviously is a result of freezing, and you can easily see on those pictures that they print on the cigarette boxes).

Personally, most stupid picture on cigarette box is that one about the guy named Brian. On the box in the upper-right corner they show us a picture where he is full of life and joy (small picture off course) and you can read : „10 weeks before“, and then the main image shows one man without hair, anorexic, evidently in a very bad state, and you can read:  „Bryan died at 34“.

My comment on that and all the other fake pictures on those boxes is: Bryan wont been destroyed in 10 weeks if you, doctors “specialist”, didn’t treat him with poison known as chemotherapy.

It’s all about the tobacco-cancer based business. Pharmaceutical firms, practically, throw out „revolutionary“ anti-cancer drugs almost every day. Then they pay the oncologists to use those drugs (the ones that evidently don’t work). And we’re pulling the short end.

To try defend myself and somehow prove that I’m not completely out of my mind, here’s the proposition:

To breathe we must, to drink water must, to eat we must. Doesn’t matter that this what is so important for our survival, is so saturated and oversaturated with chemicals.

But We don’t need to smoke. Then, why the states and all those who blame smoking for all the disease, simply not ban production and selling of tobacco?

If you know the answer, please let me know.

Personally, I enjoy smoking. I’m not going to the tavern and restaurants (only when I’m invited to a birthday party) and that doesn’t exactly constitute a problem for me. I avoid visiting so-called friends who don’t allow smoking in their house (regardless that we were smoking in those same rooms just couple of months ago). I don’t understand such „friends“ and I don’t want to discuss it. I just don’t go to visit them like before. Only when they call me. Just not to spoil our friendship. Like, I’m responsible? Well, that’s normal… I smoke. They’re in “trend”. 🙂

Anyway, for the end I’ll tell you this: if you don’t smoke, don’t even start. But if you’re a hard smoker like me (the first cigarette when I was 13t, buying cigarettes since I was 15, and still smoking today), don’t stop smoking.

Why am I saying this? That’s what I’m going explain in the next post…

live long and prosper


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