They keep asking me…

They have nothing else to do but to ask me: “What do you want with that blog or whatever it is?”

And I’ve lost the will to explain this to everyone, so I said, let me write a blog and then those who are interested, they’ll read and understand what and why I’m doing this… At least, I hope they will 😊

Well, first of all, since this blog is mine, that’s the place where I can have a talk between me and myself. And, you know, for me, it’s the best talk you can have 😊. Since us two know each other well, there is no forbidden subject and even less surprises. There’s no yelling and screaming like when you’re talking to someone who doesn’t agree with your opinion.

It was always strange to me that everyone says „everybody has right to have their own opinion”, but then, there’s lots of shouting and yelling when you give your opinion, which happens to be total opposite of what they just elaborate.

That’s why me and my self, have such a beautiful way of having our discussions… There is no opposing opinions.

Although,in reality, no one is interested in what others think.Me neither 😊.

Everyone takes care of their own misery, which is normal.

So, because of that, at parties, it’s the best to play loud music that you can’t hear even yourself, don’t mention the others.

Aside from the fact that I can say here what I think without fear that someone will jump at my throat, there are some other reasons.

For example:

Have you noticed that your children have been staring at their iPhone’s for years? At any given time… when they are eating, when they are watching TV, when they are alone and when they are with their friends… Especially when you’re talking to them. How sure are you that they’ve heard what you just told them?

Because of that destructive technology, there is no more family conversations, there is no stories from your youth or when you were serving army. Our kids aren’t interested in that, even a little bit. All they’re interested in, they’ll find in those phones. Can they find you over there?

Do your children know when and where you were born? What school did you finish? Do they know any events from your life that would keep you in their minds, which would help them to realize that sometime ago you were teenager too? Do they know that you had friends with whom you used to run around the neighborhood, play football and basketball, go to the movies with?

Do they know what movies you like to watch and what book you like to read? Do they know what you think about what you’ve seen or read?

Do your children know the history of your (their) family?

If your answers to all these questions are positive, accept my sincere congratulations.

But poor me, aware of the current situation in our society and in our life, I decided to blog (which is incomparable better than „slog (stroke)“), convinced that one fine day my children would google me on their iPhone’s, and then, surprised that they found me, read some of the blogs I am putting on…

Just to see what a hack their old man is doing over there 😊

live long and prosper


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